DUAL CUT: The 4-In-1 Furniture System

Oftentimes, the cleverest ideas are also the simplest. Take this furniture system by the Chinese-Canadian designer Kitmen Keung: a rectangular foam block that’s been cut at two L-shaped angles, resulting in a couple of pieces that can be arranged as a one-seat and ottoman, a chaise lounge, or a corner table. Appropriately called Dual Cut, the design shows that one doesn’t have to sacrifice minimalism for multifunctionality. Depending on its orientation, the chair even gives the option of a 6-degree or 23-degree angled backrest. When seating isn’t needed, the pieces may be restacked (without having to twiddle with folding mechanisms) and stashed away or displayed as a table. Dual Cut is available in light and dark gray and is suited for both indoor and outdoor use. More information available from the Belgian manufacturer Sixinch. ( By Belinda Lanks from www.fastcodesign.com ) For more information just follow the link below.