There are many who like to hear about the people who were saved when it came to the Titanic that sank in 1912. There are many who were like you and I who were on board. Some of you might like to know about a few of those Titanic survivors. Here, you can read about some of the inspiring people who made it alive when the boat sank. One of them was Miss Helene Barbara Baclini. When she boarded this boat, she boarded with her mother Latifia Baclini and her sisters who were Eugene and Maria. They were said to be rescued in what was called the collapsible C. She went on to get married, but later died of breast cancer. She died in New York Cityin 1939. There was Mr. John Haggan. He was born in 1877. He was born to love the water as he was born into a seafaring family. He was a part of the Boer War. He boarded onto the Titanic when it was ported in Belfast. He was on his way to Southampton. They say he was on boat three. He went back to England. He never married and ended up passing away at the age of seventy three. Another passenger was Miss Mary Agatha Glynn.

When she went aboard the Titanic, she was only nineteen years of age. She embarked on this journey at Queenstown. She was only a third class passenger though. That is what many didn’t know about her. She was originally fromIreland. She was on her way to WashingtonD.C.She was said to have escaped in the lifeboat. This was lifeboat thirteen. She was assisted up to them by Mr. Gallagher himself. Another person that was aboard and made it back alive when the Titanic sank was Miss Elizabeth Bonnell. She was sixty when she came aboard. When she was on the ship, she was going to theUnited States. She wasn’t traveling alone. She was traveling with her niece who was Caroline Bonnell. They were to join the family of George Dennick Wick. When she was in the United States, it was said that she was going to visit her brother who was William Fearnley who was located in Cleveland, Ohio.

When the collision happened, it was Caroline who found her. She brought her on up to the A deck. They moved up to the boat deck with the family who was on board as well with them and they were then put into lifeboat eight. Then there was Master Michael Joseph who was six when he came aboard. He was the son of Lebanese immigrants. When he boarded the ship, he boarded with his mother and his sister. He didn’t know where his mother was nor his younger sister. They were sent to the collapsible C. He was put into collapsible D. It is said that for the rest of his life, Michael hated icebergs because that is all he saw.

He went to school where nuns learned of what he endured. Years later, both his parents died. He went to live with his uncle. It was often said that never liked to talk about this either. He would tell his grandson at times. He died in Detroit, Michiganin 1991. You can notice his grave as it has a picture of the Titanic on it. It’s interesting to read about those who did survive. There are many more and they all range in age. They all range in importance as well. However, they all endured a lot.

Titanic is a very popular name among the people around the whole world. It was a ship which was the biggest in size and still no other ship can break this record. This beautiful and very well furnished ship started her voyage in 1912. However, this great ship became more popular and discussed for its sinking. No one could think that this great ship which consisted of sixteen water resists compounds went sinking. Can you imagine what actually happened during the period of its sinking?  Only Titanic Survivor could see this devastating scene, and we come to know about it only from their confession. It was April 15, 1912.

This is the horrible date for the history of titanic sinking. The gigantic ship was passing through the monster Atlantic Ocean which is too much cold and secluded. 2,223 passengers were in this ship. While making its voyage suddenly the ship received a strong collision with an iceberg. This iceberg made the black chapter for the titanic ship. As soon as the ship had the collision with it, it started receiving water of Atlantic. I mean it caught sinking gradually. Anyway, people still didn’t realize that they were going to be the part of world history by giving their lives in the so cold water of the ocean.

Only seven hundred and six people survived of the sinking of titanic. The ship had its division for first class to lower class passengers. However, we had the opportunity to note the description of a few of Titanic Survivor. Some of those are given here for your advantage. Have you ever heard the name of Charles Joughin? He is one Titanic Survivor. This person fortifying his body with two bottles of whiskey floated himself in the cold water of Atlantic. Then the temperature of the water of the ocean was 28 degrees fahrenheit only, which was fully unfavorable in human lives. Charles after doing so floated in the water for three hours before he was rescued.

He gave up the hope of living. However, finally, he overcame fortunately. It’s, actually, nothing but the miracle of fate. In this misfortunate event of sinking men took part largely than women as there were women and children first policy. Miss Elizabeth Gladys Dean was another person who survived the sinking. She was also known as Millvina. She was only a few months old then. She along with her parents and brother made the travel with titanic. Fortunately, she got alive. The first-class passengers got rescued mostly. When the lifeboats were deployed, the passengers of 1st class compartment got more advantages than the 2nd class and 3rd class passengers.

However, in every class, men died largely than women. About, 92% male perished in the second-class compartment. In the third class compartment less than half of the people sank under water. The situation wears a terrible look. Only shouting of men and women and devastating scene presided over the ship. Violet jessop, a nurse was another survivor. She also observed the horrible condition of that worst situation. Violet Jessop was Irish ( although born in Argentina through her parents immigration ).

Barbara Joyee Dainton West who was of only ten months old was another Titanic Survivor. They all are the witness of one of the worst histories. If you are curious about the amount of dead passengers of Titanic, it was so horrible to find the fact. It took more than fifty percents of dead passengers during the catastrophe. The giant ship hit the iceberg and created big disaster for them. Based on the titanic survivors list, most passengers in the Titanic were well know figures and lived at high class society.

Therefore it wasn’t difficult for them to afford expensive ticket of titanic when planning to head on New York as final destination of the voyage. The first class passengers mostly worked as famous politicians, businessmen and industrialists, every passenger was charged for $4,350 for each ticket in the first class. From the titanic survivors list, there was an interesting story about Charles Joughin who survived from this horrible accident. He got drunk with two bottles of whiskey when the ship hit iceberg.

He was on the icy water for three hours and could survive from this extreme temperature. It was because of the whiskey effect which overwhelmed his body. The report was really shocking. Among more than two thousands passengers, only few could survive. The number of survivors was up to 706 passengers. They could withstand against extreme temperature around North Atlantic Ocean. Based on the titanic survivors list, most of the passengers died because of hypothermia due to extremely low temperature at surroundings.

It was around 28° F during the catastrophe. Normally people only could survive against this extreme temperature within 15 minutes. Therefore it is almost impossible to survive against this harsh condition unless they get drunk like what Charles Joughin did. If noticed thoroughly, we can draw conclusion that first class passengers had bigger chance to rescue themselves then off second and third class passengers. Women were taken in priority for rescue. Therefore more women could survive than of men.

It is something that triggers huge attention that more American passengers could survive than off British due to titanic survivors list. It was because of their respect and good behavior. They didn’t behave like Americans who were so aggressive when getting their ways into lifeboat. This accident made the captain angry and shouted that was supposed to behave like British. A story about a band continuing their play during the mass panics was true. They preferred to play the music to calm down the panicked passengers.

The titanic survivors list unveiled sad fact that more than 1.500 passengers lost into deep blue sea and only 706 passengers who survived from the tragedy. A story which triggers huge sympathy was from Miss Elizabeth G D. She was called in nick name as Milvina. She was a baby when getting on Titanic. She was brought by her family to Kansas USA for beginning new life. Fortunately this tragedy didn’t seize her life. Other story comes from Violet Jessop who worked as stewardess in Titanic.

She was also a survivor from this deadly horrible tragedy. From the titanic survivors list, Ms Lilian Asplund has another story to tell about Titanic. She was also a survivor of Titanic. The only thing she could remember about this huge ship is the smell of freshly painted wall that made her uncomfortable. In fact, there are still many stories from the survivors that we can learn from this tragedy.

Titanic is a way to teach us a lesson to be wise and humble to every great masterpiece we own. Titanic is a myth. However, the myth sank into the deep freezing water of Atlantic in 1912. All the attempts to make the biggest and the only unsinkable ship titanic went in water. The myth died with the sinking of the sinking of titanic. It was the largest ship built in 19th century. It was built in 1912. And it sailed for New York from Southampton on 10th April of 1912. There were about 2,200 passengers and crew on that ship and just after four days it sank with all those passengers. About one-third of the people died and around 1500, people survived. Titanic survivor stories will shock you with tremendous emotion and the adventure they had. So, they know better how they fight two hours and forty minutes to make them alive. Titanic survivor stories will help you to make a clear look at what happened in 15th April of 1912.

Titanic was the most eligible ship that went for the voyage in 1912. The newspaper and all the journalists were there when it launched for New York. The shock was beyond expectation. No one even thought of sinking as it was said to be unsinkable. So, no matter what the epic story ended with the drowning. The luck was with them at that day. However, some got lucky by having an A class ticket. An optimization said that about fifty percent of “A” class ticket holder was rescued. B class holder survived about thirty to thirty-five percent and C class survived only 24 percent. So, Titanic survivor stories are like a nightmare to you. If you were at that moment no matter what you would try the best to make yourself out of the miseries. The same thing also goes with the survivors.

Titanic survivor stories will give you a tremendous adventure. Robert W. Daniel was one of the survivors. He was a Philadelphia banker. He saw the titanic sinking. He was sure that he was about to die that day. For the last five minutes, he managed to get himself into a life-saving boat. He got lucky for having a life jacket. When he jumped into the water, the stem of the titanic went up to 40 to 60 feet. At an angle of 45 degrees, it sank into the frizzing oceanic water of Atlantic. Daniel passed out several times because of the cold water.

However, still he survived. Titanic survivor stories are like a huge picture where all can find the reality. People of all walks of life know the disaster of Titanic. Titanic survivor stories revealed the tragedy of titanic. It was never been an unsinkable ship. Actually, no one knows what is going to happen to them. You must keep faith in god and also at yourself. The only thing that matter is the fact that titanic was a myth which drowned away with so many lives, sorrows and loves of others.

That was a real euphoria when viewing Titanic was ready to head on New York USA for incredible voyage in early 20th century ago. Titanic passengers were happy to be a part of this large voyage and willing to pay for expensive tickets to step into the luxurious deck. They were happy to make such a big history for making a heartbreaking voyage throughout North Atlantic Ocean from England to USA. That was really exciting and incredible moment before they finally knew this unsinkable ship actually made an unforgettable disaster in the early morning on 15th April 1912.

As a matter of fact, there’s no one could imagine how unsinkable ship can be torn apart into deep blue sea and easily hit by iceberg. It was horrible accident that could kill more than fifty percent of all titanic passengers. Indeed Titanic was a giant ship with length of 883 ft and width of 92 ft.  The height of ship from kneels to surface as 64 ft. It took almost three hours to sink Titanic into ice-cold water in North Atlantic.

For the sake of speed and early arrival, the crew of titanic ignored the warning about icebergs. This swagger had turned them into real disaster which brought them into big regret. Most titanic passengers were worried about this accident as it could threaten their life. As a matter of fact, the blame should be directed to the captain of Titanic namely E. J Smith who ignored the warning about iceberg at the time. Even the warning sent through telegraph was not paid into attention by the Captain. He was absolutely sure that the ship wouldn’t sink and strong enough to be struck by the iceberg. When a warning was sent to him for asking to reduce the speed, he didn’t heed the warning.

Instead of the captain, the blame was supposed to be directed into the builder of Titanic ship. He was careless and not really mindful when designing Titanic. He apparently used iron rivets for the construction of ship which was indeed too fragile for iceberg. He held big responsibility to the agony of most titanic passengers. They lost their beloved relatives and have to end their life with this horrible accident. Instead of the captain and ship builder, Bruce Ismay also held all responsibility of the death of most passengers. He was the first person who urged the captain to ignore all the warning about icebergs and keep the high speed of Titanic.

The architect of Titanic, Sir Thomas Andrews also brought the responsibility of this accident. He designed unsafe construction with 16 watertight sections toward improper height of wall. It made this luxurious ship was easy to crack down. Also Stanley Lord was a captain of the Californian which shipped nearby Titanic but didn’t take further response when titanic in serious danger. He thought there was a celebration on the top of Titanic and wasn’t any accident on it. Titanic is a symbol of luxury and swagger. She was boasted to be unsinkable ship and even God can’t collapse it down. That was so ironic and became big tragedy of the death of titanic passengers in the early 20th century. If the number of passengers in Titanic is calculated, it reaches up to 2.220 people. At the time, it was very big ship that represented a luxurious life style.

All passengers of Titanic planned to sail on the big voyage passing through ocean from Southampton to New York. This voyage made unfortunate life to most passengers as it hit an iceberg and sank thoroughly in 15th April 1912 and only left survivors in less than a half of all numbers of passengers. When noticing the titanic passenger list, we understand that this giant ship was divided into several classes based on wealth, social status and tickets. The first class was fulfilled by the richest who worked as politicians, military officials, high level businessmen, bakers, athletes, and industrialists. They paid off expensive tickets and deserved high class amenities. Who set in the second class? They were people who have middle class social life as clergymen, professors, authors and other tourists. What about the third class?

They were immigrants who had planned to move into USA. They wished to achieve prosperity when living there. Unlike other lower classes, the first class was engaged with luxurious facilities and every passenger in first class was charged at £30. It was very expensive at the time. They entitled some amenities such as small deck for walkway and parlor suit for enjoying the voyage. Besides enjoying a private walkway for first class passengers they also obtained some lavish amenities such as squash court, Turkish bath, swimming pool, barbershop, elevators and gymnasium for those with regular exercise. Usually they didn’t come alone but accompanied by their staff such as maids, babysitters, cooks and chauffeurs. They were involved in this voyage for more complete happiness.

The second class were also enjoying pleasing voyage. This class was dedicated to academics, tourists, clergy and other middle class families. For adults, they were charged at £13. The amenities for these were private smoking room, library, they could also walk away through the promenade designed for middle class. One of titanic passenger list was Lawrence Beesley who worked as school teacher. There he spent lots of time for reading in library. As survivor and witness, he finally wrote an article “the Loss of SS Titanic” that depicted a big disaster of Titanic. The laroche family as one of the titanic passenger list which survived during early morning disaster previously hoped that they could be free from discrimination.

They were coming from black ancestry and found USA as their hope from this uncomfortable environment. Racial discrimination still became real issue at the time before it was being diminished at this time. There’s interesting story behind the sinking of titanic. There were French toddlers who were kidnapped by their father from their estranged mom. Unfortunately the father namely Michel Navratil was died at the sinking but both toddlers were safe and by the officials, their photographs were sent throughout the world hoping their mother could find them. What about the third class cabin? The majority of third class passengers were immigrants who wished to begin their life better in USA and Canada. They were charged around £7 for each ticket. They were in diversity of nationalities and usually come with a family group. Most of them joined this huge ship for joining their relatives who were previously there.

By learning about titanic passenger list, it’s no wonder to see some stories behind this tragedy. Many of us recall hearing and learning all about the Titanic. We remember watching the Hollywoodversion of what happened in 1912 when it sank and Leonardo Di Caprio died. However, this left some of us with a few questions. One of those questions that some of us had was where was the Titanic built? We have tons of questions at what the builders were thinking with only putting in twenty life boats. We wonder how they could take those chances. So, who were the builders and such? The location at where this was built was in Belfast, Ireland. This was constructed at the company called Harland and Wolff Shipyard. When they created this, they created the Titanic to compete with another company.

This company was the Cunard Line as they had two great ships that they were trying to beat. These were the Lusitaniaand, the Mauretania. They were meant to be the largest and the coziest of all ships. The designers of this boat had great hopes and were very ambitious when they created this. The designer was Lord Pirrie. He worked with an architect from White Star. This was Thomas Andrews. They worked with the general manager who was Alexander Carlisle. Carlislewas only in charge of decorating it all. They all worked together to do as much as they could. They all worked to decorate this ship from the inside out. However, some things might have been overlooked with the design plan. There are many things that this ship had that others have not had. They had few life boats though. Some of the things that they did have which made this to be so luxurious were: a library, barber shop, a swimming pool, a gym, a Turkish bath, and much more.

Many people loved this and many of the more luxurious things were only open to those who were first class passengers. This ship had a bit of new technology of this time. One of the things that this ship had was a lift that was electric. They had these only in first class as well as second class. They had electric generators that were steam powered which were quite new at the time as well. This ship had all electrical wiring as well which was quite new too. There were even two Marconi radios. Now it cost quite a lot in order to be able to stay in the areas that were deemed as first class. That is something that is just great. When you look at this, you can tell that these were the ones who actually went about to go and pay for all the added features to this ship.

They had great expectations and many were happy to have this. They were excited to be the first passengers on ships such as this. Many never thought that they would actually have to risk their lives to take such a great trip such as this. We hope this answers a few of your questions. The most miserable true story of the 20th century is that, a ship named titanic sank very unexpectedly. In 15 April, 1912, a ship was completely made, which was very renowned ship. She was considered as the largest ship on earth. It was said that everything will be sunk except titanic. However, it was a matter of very sorrow that titanic sank within three hours.

She sank because of an iceberg. The iceberg hit the titanic at night. She had luxurious cruise and cabins with big size. She was the largest passenger carrying ship. She was departed from Southampton, England and heading to the New York City. At the time of sinking, around one thousand five hundred and seventeen people were dead. It was the deadliest disaster in the history. Very few people managed to survive at that deadliest disaster. The last survivor of the titanic died very recently.


The person who managed to survive at the time of sinking of titanic is known as the survivor of the titanic. There were many survivors of the titanic. However, only one person managed to survive more time than others on earth, and the person is a female. She is the last survivor of the titanic. The name of her is Millvina Dean. She was over two month old when the titanic sank. At that time, titanic started the journey with two thousand two hundred and twenty three people. On the way to the journey she hit the iceberg at night four days after departure.

Millvina Dean, the last survivor of the titanic died 31st May, 2009 when her age was ninety seven. She became a very old lady in her new century. Her death met her in her hometown Southampton in England. She Left her home at the time of going to New York with her family. However, unfortunately, she came with her mother only. Her father died on the spot because of sinking of the titanic. Credits must go to her father for the survival of her family. Her father realized that time that something was going wrong with the titanic, and the ship might sink. Her father technically and quickly took her family to the safety boat or life boat. She was with her family at the third class quarters. At that time, her two years-old brothers was also saved with them. Her father made her the last survivor of the titanic. The titanic had the life boats with her for the safety of the people. She carried the life boats for one thousand one hundred and seventy eight people.

So, about four hundred passengers were unable to survive and died with the sinking of the titanic. The life boats were not enough for them. That is why many male persons had to die. There was another reason behind this event. The authority announced that only women and children can go first via life boats. Titanic was made by engineers who were very experienced. Millvina Dean may feel proud to be the last survivor of the titanic, but it was a really horrible experience to face. Learning facts about the titanic gives us incredible information about ways to tackle any risk in management area. Even though this tragedy happened in a century ago, it still becomes trending topic that attracts thousands of viewers who want to know stories behind this disaster. A ship which was previously thought as unsinkable ship proved wrong assumption about it. This accident has killed more than fifty percent of all passengers and remained an interesting to discuss.

That’s what the creator of Titanic ship had tried to achieve. The design was remarkably fabulous and was freshly painted when the first time it was used. Before the plan was invented, ship was a gorgeous choice for crossing the oceans and became prominent way of transportation. The richest chose ocean liner as a way to spend vacation in Europe. It invited the businessman to invent great idea for steam ships. The best ship with huge speed was their goal to win the business. One of some facts about the titanic in this construction of this giant ship is speed. Wolff and Harland had wanted to design speedy ship that could help passengers cross the ocean safely and fast with comfortable environment. By emphasizing the speed, it would rise up the incomes. This ship was planned to cut the length of voyage with longer waterline for putting speed before others. The ships were designed with steel with riveting. What is riveting? It is an additional technology to hold the different plates into one and almost as strong as welding method. It was used for safety in case the ships were into hull. When talk about safety, Titanic ship was designed in high ambition and swagger.

Therefore they were not equipped with sufficient number of life boats. They were regarded to be the last option to consider because their presence was worried to develop wrong perception that the ship was unsafe. The regulation at the time required at least 16 lifeboats to carry one, regardless of a number of passengers. As a matter of fact when learning about facts about the titanic, Titanic was meant to provide comfortable voyage from North Atlantic to New York. For quick route, the sip had to pass through Northern Route; however there were a lot of icebergs along the ocean. To pass up the icebergs, going through south route was considered right choice for keeping away from icebergs. Unfortunately this took longer route but rather safe to pass through. Making the first departure at Southampton England, Titanic continued her voyage to New York as her last destination. It took two stops during the trip for picking more passengers. At the time, this ship was equipped with telegraph which was regarded to be the most sophisticated technology at the time. The crews were advised about the presence of icebergs at surrounding area. Even though being warned to reduce her speed, it kept in 20 knots of speed to run.

Unfortunately Titanic hit the icebergs and killed many passengers. At last, the facts about the titanic can help us learn about the meaning of life. Man can steer their life into what they want but God is the one who makes decision. When Titanic was predicted to be unsinkable, the fact overturned this fault. This poor ship hit iceberg and killed many passengers. Undoubtedly, it can be said that titanic is second to none in case of popularity and fame in comparison with the vastness. Many ships sink every year in different oceans. It’s a common phenomenon. Then why the name “Titanic” makes so much interest in the mind of the people? Only its vastness is responsible to this interest. Really, it was a vast and gigantic ship. It can be called a giant on the water. This ship was the first one in so large size that people had ever seen. Still after so many years it is equally popular among the modern people. People gradually come to know that this titanic was the biggest ship in different aspects.

However, still there raise a question in the mind of the curious people. How big was the Titanic? This gigantic ship titanic was built in Belfast, Ireland. The construction of this ship began in March 31, 1909. Its hull was launched on May 31, 1911. And finally in the following year its total outfitting was completed in 31st March. The gross register tonnes of the titanic were 46328. The length of this vast ship was 269.1 m or 882 ft and nine inches. Its beam measured 92 ft or 28 m. Its draught was 10.5 m or 34 ft. and seven inches. The depth was 19.7 m or 64 ft and six inches. In the ship, there were nine decks and every deck was marked by A through to G. This RMS Titanic was owned by White Star Line. Can you imagine now? How big was the Titanic? As you come to know how vast, the size of the Titanic was, it’s also necessary to know whether there was a sister vast ship to the Titanic. In fact, Titanic was one of the three vast ships. Another two are the Britannic and the Olympic. Most probably the Britannic was given name Gigantic. However, after the tragic sinking of the Titanic the name was reconsidered. The owner company at first decided that only 20 lifeboats would be carried. This could accommodate 52% of the people aboard.

However, later the company provided more lifeboats than required. Even so, this extra lifeboat accommodation was according to the scientists. So there was no risk in this regard. Again, these lifeboats comprised 16 more wooden lifeboats. Each of the extra lifeboats had the capacity to carry 65 persons. There were also collapsible lifeboats, which had the capacity to carry 47 persons. This vast ship as well had sixteen water resistant compartments so that the ship may not sink. Now I think the questioners get their answer to the question “How big was the Titanic”? Really, it was a gigantic ship in the world. The owner company and the constructors made a proper scientific measurement in building Titanic. They made it completely capable of making voyage. There grew no doubt in any mind. However, after all these arrangements and well managements what happened to this so called unsinkable ship? The ship sank on its maiden voyage. In fact, nothing is impossible in this world. This proverb proves real with this sinking of Titanic. The people may think how big was the Titanic? How can it sink? However, it’s true that it sank through it was called unsinkable.