X-CALIBUR SKATEBOARD: The Electric Skate Board Meant for Racing!

The X-Calibur Skateboard Manufacturing company was founded by Col. Billy Brown and his lovely wife Betty whose belief in James Hawkins and Gregg Cassity’s abilities to transform a simple skateboard into a world class Full Race Skateboard and then launch one of the most exciting Racing sports the world has ever seen. These two very ordinary people who shared a very unordinary dream are on their way to becoming household names as the get closer and closer by the minute to making this dream into a reality.

We both realized that what started out as a simple challenge, to build 20 electrically powered skateboards into props for a family film had much greater significance that they had originally thought.  Then the Colonel Billy Brown entered into the picture. He put his hard earned savings behind these two Dynamos and what happened after that will certainly be for the history books as the three have just knocked on the doors of ESPN.

With the committee members being racers of the sport whose skills are unparalleled by anybody on the planet have proven rightfully so that the mean business are accepting the demands and the sacrifices that they will have to make have accepted the challenges before them and are willing to do and give what ever it takes to realize the sport on a National Level. We are certain that this grouping of professional racers whose proven abilities and sense of leadership will insure that these races will be conducted as safely as humanly possible that the sanct6ioned races will be organized and conducted in the best possible light for the overal.

“We at the X-Calibur Skateboard Manufacturing Company would like to give special thanks to THE VALLEY SKATE AND SURF SHOP their for all your Skating needs. To Currie Technologies manufacturers of the finest electric bicycles the world has ever seen, and a special thanks to Alan Kanter owner of ALL ELECTRONICS for his lifetime of always conducting business in the most professional of ways and thus giving rise to the for. The average person who wanted to work for themselves the opportunity to do just that. The best pricing on anything electric and they do mean it. We thank all of our Sponsors whom without their support none of this would have been possible.”


The new sport “Powered Skateboard Racing” is sweeping the globe. Brought to you by NAPSR, The National Association Of Powered Skateboard Racing. X-Calibur Electric Skateboards can also be used for transportation purposes. Investment and/or partnership opportunites are available. There are three possible revenue lines, Children’s Toys, a line made specifically for transportation and Powered Skateboard Racing. For more information just viait the links below or contact James Hawkins ( President NAPSR ) at (805) 813-1908.