ADASTRA SUPERYACHT: By John Shuttleworth

The $15 million Adastra luxury trimaran was launched in China. Hong Kong-based shipping industry billionaire Anto Marden first commissioned construction of the Adastra five years ago. The finished product is worth US$15 million, and will likely be used by Marden and his wife Elaine to sail between two islands that they own off the coast of Indonesia. The trimaran measures 42.5 by 16 meters (139.5 by 52.5 feet), and weighs 52 tons (47 tonnes). It has a top speed of 22.5 knots, although at 17 knots it has a remarkable range of 4,000 nautical miles (7,408 km) – this comes thanks largely to a lightweight hull made from a glass/Kevlar foam sandwich material, a superstructure made from carbon fiber with a honeycomb core, and other weight-saving and streamlining considerations. Its fuel economy is estimated at 90 liters (24 U.S. gallons) per hour at 13 knots, or 120 liters (32 gallons) per hour at 17 knots. A full-width master cabin located aft with access from the deck saloon, and two further guest cabins – all of which have luxury bathrooms – provide accommodation for up to nine passengers with additional quarters for the craft’s six crew members. The yacht is also equipped with a sauna, steam bath and whirlpool. It can be piloted from a range of 50 meters (164 feet) using an iPad. More information at the link below.