THE MAC MOTORCYCLES by Ellis Pitt & Xenophya Design

This project is a collaboration between one of the leading design studios motorcycle Britain, Xenophya Design and Ellis Pitt, led to the launch of a new UK-based motorcycle, called “Mac Motorcycles“. Xenophya Design was established in 2001 to specialise in design and development for the motorcycle industry by Mark Wells and Ian Wride. They have developed a client list of some of the best known brands in the industry for product planning and concept design in the motorcycle and scooter markets. This project ssued 4 types of motorcycles: Spud, Ruby, Peashooter and Roarer. “I met Mark Wells & Ian Wride at Xenophya Design whilst working in the North East. This gave us a chance to indulge our respective obsessions with motorcycles over copious mugs of tea and biscuits (Rich Tea). Wearing a groove in the road between Worcestershire and Northumberland every week gave me ample opportunity to cogitate my project whilst dodging the sales reps, the speed cameras and the neverending Nottinghamshire roadworks on the M1. A collaboration was born|” (Ellis Pitt). For more information we invite you to visit the links below.