illi Antonelli, who founded the Pershing brand of yachts in 1985, last week announced the launch of a brand new yacht concept called ‘Wider’ during a press conference in Milan. Wider Yachts will begin with a 42ft open day cruiser boat that is expected to be launched at the Genoa show and will eventually build a smaller 11m 35ft Wider yacht and a larger 15m (50ft) Wider model. The ‘Wider’ names is derived from the fact that the mid-section of the 42-foot open cockpit boat can be extended port and starboard via an innovative system patented by Antonelli that increases the cockpit diameter to six metres (for a total area of 15 sqm) and provides lateral hull sections that act as ‘outriggers’. Wider has thus managed to double the usable surface and significantly increase the yacht’s stability.  “What makes Wider really different if compared to the existing day cruisers has to do with space and stability,” notes Antonelli. “The boat allows us to double the space of the cockpit. Two lateral extension transform the boat into a sort of playground in the middle of the sea.” Wider epitomises the modern concept of energy saving, concentrating on the use of engines and aerodynamic shapes which guarantee huge savings in consumption and a lower environmental impact.
The twin engines of the WIDER 42 are not installed in the conventional symmetrical way, but are offset in a racing style, providing a lower centre of gravity along the centreline enabling an increase in stability and ease of inspection. The Wider yacht is built using vacuum-infusion moulding (Scrimp System) techniques with a carbon and vinylester resin hybrid, and selected parts in carbon fibre only. This results in a lightweight aerodynamic hull that will have maximum efficiency, minimum waste and will reach a maximum speed of over 45 knots with 370hp engines and Arneson surface propellers for a range of around 350 miles at 40 knots.
The racing-style stepped hull of the Wider Yachts creates a cushion of air between the hull and the water that provides a more comfortable ride and horizontal trim, with the added advantage of improving performance and visibility. The WIDER 42 features exterior styling by Fulvio de Simoni, Pershing’s chief designer, with a stepped hull by Mark Wilson. Wilson is one of the top experts in the field of racing yachts, who also designed those with which his son won the World Championships three times, once in class P2 and twice in class P1. The energy saving concept of this yacht also covers on-board electronics. A well-developed, highly technological CAN bus electrical system was produced in conjunction with Acson Marine and the extremely lightweight installation guarantees considerable savings in engine energy. Wider and Acson Marine has produced a helm station featuring an innovative multi-functional steering wheel, similar to those used in Formula 1.
The wheel has a built-in mini instrument panel with a multi-view display featuring all the information necessary for navigation. In the cockpit of the Wider 42 furnishings are clearly different to all the other models currently available on the market, and focus on convertibility: the windscreen protecting the seating can be raised and concealed. The space in front of these seats is split into three different parts which, if raised separately, will transform into two chaises longue, a dinette area, or a single sundeck. The stern of the Wider 42 can house a jet ski or rubber dinghy, or even a diving centre, in an uncovered garage. The housing for the personal watercraft lowers, forming a slide to facilitate haulage and launch operations. Once the water toys have been removed, this space can be converted into an additional sundeck. The internal furnishings of the Wider 42 ensure complete comfort during a day at sea, with a kitchenette, seating which can be transformed into a large, comfortable bed in case of need, and a head with a large, separate shower.
The vertical surfaces inside the cabin feature carbon laminate and the structural bulkheads are finished in a new linen fabric with a polished finish. Esthec ( www.esthec.com ) was chosen for the cladding of the deck. This sophisticated material offers all the positive characteristics of teak, such as aesthetic appearance and being pleasant to the touch, is environmentally sustainable during its lifecycle, and can be completely recycled. Esthec is indestructible, stain resistant, fireproof, non-slip, will not splinter, and requires no maintenance. Lastly, the Wider 42 yacht has inflatable cushioning and seats instead of heavy, cumbersome, fixed fibreglass seating. If and when necessary, they can also be used as floating airbeds and seats in the water for total relaxation – almost completely removing the dividing line between the yacht and the sea.
The company is based in a 10,000sq m manufacturing facility in Castelvecchio di Monteporzio (PU), Marche, where Antonelli built the first Pershing in 1985. The company plans to distribute the Wider boats in Europe, North and South America. “We are working on a new distributional model which provides for establishment of specially formed companies in the most interesting markets, where the headquarters will have an important role,” remarked Antonelli. “In Italy, on the other hand, distribution will be dealt with centrally, and the sales network will be as capillary as possible.” For more information visit the link below.