ASROCK AIWI: turns your iPhone into motion controller

IWI is an Apple app for devices with a motion sensor such as the iPhone that gives your ASRock powered system the ability to play games through your iPhone or iPod touch over wireless or Bluetooth. After you’ve installed the app on your phone and the ASRock software on your system (and it has detected which games you have that are supported – not all games are supported but there is a pretty good list so far), you simply connect your phone to your PC and then you are in business.  Not only can you play games using your phone as the controller with motion control like a Nintendo Wii controller, but you can also use it to control your system as it has mouse and keyboard functions too. It’s a cool concept that improves the gaming experience on the PC and changes it up a bit. We were impressed by the feedback from the app as at this close range over Wifi, there didn’t seem to be hardly any lag delay at all.