eica used Photokina 2010 to unveil its beautifully crafted limited edition LEICA M9 ‘Titanium’ digital camera. Created in collaboration with chief designer of the Volkswagen Group, Walter de’Silva, the camera is a reinterpretation of the classic LEICA M9. The special edition is strictly limited to 500 cameras worldwide. This series is inline with LEICA’s philosophy of design and dedication to high quality photography. Since 1925 special edition cameras have been presented to prominent photographers, scientists and politicians, including President Eisenhower and famous photographer, Emil Schulthess. This year the LEICA M9 ‘Titanium’ was presented to the US engineer, Steven Sasson, in honor of his pioneering role in digital photography. In 1975, Sasson produced the world’s first black-and-white digital image. The LEICA M9 ‘Titanium’ maintains the distinctive style of the true LEICA M but has a more ergonomic and precise look and feel. The camera features an 18.5 megapixel ccD sensor with an active area of approximately 23.9 x 35.8 mm, LED illumination of the bright-line frames in the viewfinder and an entirely new carrying concept. Replacing tradition two point strap lugs, the camera strap only has one single mounting point. A metal finger loop covered with fine Nappa leather enables secure handling and grip with one hand. In addition de’Silva designed a shoulder holster to hold and protect the camera whilst in transit and keep it ready to shoot at any moment. All visible elements of the LEICA M9 ‘Titanium’ are made from solid titanium. Scratch-resistant, sapphire-crystal glass is used on the monitor and the leather trimming on the camera is the same as is typically used in premium Audi models. The limited edition kit is offered together with a LEICA SUMMILUX-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH lens with a solid titanium exterior. The kit also includes the leather shoulder holster, carrying strap and finger loop and a book devoted to the design process. The LEICA M9 ‘Titanium’ will be available at authorized dealers for US$29,000/ £19,800 / €23,000.