he Auto-Lift iron from Italian appliance-monger Ariete will stop you burning that tell-tale mark into your dress-shirt yet again. As soon as you let go of the handle, the steam-iron will lift up and away from the delicate clothing beneath to prevent charring. When you grab it again, micro-capacitive sensors in the handle will detect your clammy digits and lower the iron for continued pressing. As the wonderfully good-looking members of the team can attest after my recent visit to the San Francisco nerve-center, I never iron anything, preferring a lazy, rumpled understatement instead of any actual pride in my appearance. The last time I used an iron was to toast a cheese sandwich after the gas ran out in my student home many years ago (yes, the steam-holes do leave an un-browned pattern). But even I can see the good sense behind this 2400W auto-lifter. After all, putting a piece of hot metal onto a delicate, flammable piece of fabric is clearly dangerous madness. Thank you, Ariete, for making this weird social ritual a little bit safer. €65 ($92).