f you’ve stacked on a few too many pounds over the festive season, this could be just the thing to help turn the tide. Withings, maker of the world’s first WiFi-connected personal scale has integrated its product with the Google Health service. The Withings WiFi Body Scale can provide updates to a user’s Google Health profile in real-time using its built-in WiFi connection. Google Health, launched last year, is a personal health record that allows users to store, organize, and manage health information all in one place. Once the information is collated, it can be shared with nominated individuals, such as doctors, care-givers and other family members. This function is especially useful for individuals whose weight gain or loss may be an indicator of change in their health status. Now, with the latest connectivity, the scale will automatically update the user’s weight and fat mass to their Google Health profile. “It’s exciting to be one of the early hardware devices to integrate with the Google Health service,” said Withings General Manager Cedric Hutchings.
“Keeping your doctors and caregivers informed on all aspects of your health is important in maintaining a consistent health plan, so being part of Google Health’s effort to make this possible is thrilling.” The WiFi Body Scale can already connect to a secure webpage, an iPhone (free app) and even Twitter. Consumers will need to activate the Twitter feature after purchasing their scale on the Withings website. During the Twitter set up process, users can set their Twitter alerts to post automatically at each measure, daily, weekly or monthly. The tweet will read the users’ current weight and how many pounds they have left to reach their set goal – up or down.