OSTERIA BOTTEGHE ANTICHE IN PUTIGNANO – ITALY: The Place Were Chef Stefano D’Ongia Will Surprise You


Puglia’s history is inextricably linked with those of other Mediterranean countries and the invaders who came from afar: the ancient Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Normans, and the Spanish Bourbons. All left their imprint in some tangible way. For millennia Puglia has been predominantly an agricultural region, producing around 40% of Italy’s olive oil and a large proportion of its wine. Vast tracts of the region’s territory are given over to farming, whether it be crops or livestock, and many inhabitants continue to grow their own produce.


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This essentially agricultural nature means that the region’s cuisine is home-country inspired, predominantly using the abundant local produce such as durum wheat, tomatoes, artichokes, fava beans, rocket, courgettes, beans, fennel, peppers, onions, beef and lamb. Using all this traditional ingredients, at Osteria Botteghe Antiche in Putignano (a well known town for its oldest and longest Italian carnival dating to 1394) chef Stefano D’Onghia provide for the best authentic dishes. Opened at the end of 2014 with the precious help of his partner Valentina, the restaurant is located in Piazza Plebiscito just in downtown.



A really wunderful place, especially evening time. The menu, written with white chalk on two blackboards hung close to a spacious and bright kitchen of the restaurant, you can imediately understand the esprit of Stefano. “I’m not famous, I like to keep it simple. I prefer to be called “cook”. ” Yes, because “chef” is too pompous according Stefano D’Onghia. After beeing invited to represent at Expò the Puglia’s cullinary, Stefano, is defined as one of the most interesting chefs in Italy, without using any tricks or deception.

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Each innovation brought to his menu is the result of meticulous research combined with tradition. Because he knows that people who are use to the antique traditions of Puglia will not accept any shortcuts, especially if the direction is that of innovation. Yet, Stefano excelled, and without using any marketing or communication techniques unlike his competitors.


With his cuisine, full of love and respect for the territory and the gifts they offer every single day, Stefano does not want to stop astonishing and confirms himself as being one of the best chefs in the gastronomic Italian panorama. Forgot about the famous guides and chef stars…trust us and go to try this restaurant. For more information or reservations do not hesitate to visit the link below.