BOSIDENG_ITALY: How To Build An International Fashion Brand Even If You Are Chinese Company

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Bosideng is the biggest down jacket company in China, with 8000 + POS in China, and it’s listed in HK Stock Exchange. For the 1st time “Made in China” want to be considered as “High-end” fashion competing with “Made in Italy” or “Made in France”. In 2014 Bosideng set up its 1st office in Italy, with the aim of stepping into the international fashion scene. Passion, experience, and high quality, are the values that make up the roots of the long tradition of Bosideng brand. The essence of the brand lies in its contrasting characteristics, which make the finished product unique, with a soul divided in half, between tradition and continuous search for innovation. A new form of timeless elegance, with a structure of carefully selected raw materials, and a core of prints and colors, traditional classics revisited by a current awareness, wrapped in a sophisticated allure and elegance. Unfortunately a good product and a good organization means nothing without a marketing and communication staff able to internationalize the brand and create innovative marketing tools. For more information, do not hesitate to visit the links below.


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