INSTAGLASSSES: The Concept Design Brings Instagram Filters To Your Glasses


“Life is beautiful, even more beautiful with filters,” Belin-based designer Markus Gerke wrote on Behance where he showcased the concept. Theoretically, users can toggle through the different filters by pressing the Insta button. They can also snap photos with the shades and upload them directly to Instagram. While only a concept, people will surely clamor for these Instaglasses. Instead of applying retro-looking filters to your smartphone photos, you can go through life wearing rose-colored glasses, literally. Gerke says he doesn’t have intentions to produce it. “I don’t want to make money with it. I only want to show, how it could look like.” What a shame…we really hope this project will be taken in consideration as soon by any Italian eyewear manufacturer ( Luxottica/Safilo/Marcolin etc.)

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