CORTICO & NETOS: For The Preservation Association Of The Portuguese Industrial Tile


Cortiço & Netos is a brand of the Association for the Interpretation of the Industrial Tile, whose primary goal is the preservation of the portuguese industrial tile. Its estate was originally part of the family business founded by Joaquim José Cortiço. Between 1979 and 2013 the company gathered, stored, and sold countless Portuguese ceramic tiles and assorted sanitary ware from discontinued lines of Portuguese factories. The collection is comprised of original items manufactured from the 1960’s henceforth. Unfortunately, most of the factories that produced these tiles have been shut down. However, they are milestones in the history of the Portuguese industrial tile production. Thus, the products available at C&N are unique and an invaluable testimony of the Portuguese industrial patrimony. “We are very proud of our collection and acknowledge its historical and cultural value, therefore, the store’s revenue is also used to fund the preservation and dissemination of the collection. Moreover, in cooperation with Portuguese universities, we wish to promote academic researches on its historical background. Our collection also attracts the attention of artists, designers and architects, that make use of our stock (the tiles in particular) in their projects”. (Photo© – Pedro Sadio Photography ) For more information, do not hesistate to follow the link below.

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