Most good ideas very rarely see the light of day. Some go no further than dinner table conversation and some no more than a napkin sketch. The Retractable Disappearing Car Door has gone much further in realizing a series of fully functional, drivable vehicle prototypes equipped with the Retractable Doors. These have been rigorously tested for both usability and safety. The Retractable Car Door technology has a long and interesting history behind it. First we constructed three 1/8th scale models to an original design which were built from scratch. These models, including an advanced sports car chassis were shown to the respective heads of design at the “Big Three” auto makers in Detroit. We then designed and constructed a full size studio buck. When completed we flew it to Detroit and demonstrated it to the OEM’s. Ford invited us to Ghia Coachworks in Italy where we incorporated our Retractable Door on an Explorer Prototype, which was later displayed at the Ford Design Center in Dearborn, Michigan.


As a result Ford suggested we retrofit Lincoln Mark VIII’s with optional extended versions of our Retractable Doors to demonstrate the tremendous improvement in passenger access to the rear seats. These fully roadworthy vehicles are seen on our website in the video and in photos. The Senior Vice President in charge of the Cadillac division at GM asked us to take one of our prototype to Orange County, California for a 500 person consumer clinic. Our Retractable Door received the most overwhelmingly positive response from the attendees which included representatives of area dealerships. The response to our recent website campaign has been far beyond our expectations.


As a result we are updating our technology and producing new prototypes to enable us to respond to this strong global demand for our product. Jatech LLC is a California Limited Liability Company formed to promote the Founders proprietary inventions, the Retractable Vehicle Door, also know as the Disappearing Car Door and Rotary Drop Door and other technologies.


This ground breaking, game changing technology has been developed over the last decade incorporating design and engineering input from many major automobile manufacturers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and their Tier One suppliers. The recent response to the Company website (12 Million worldwide visitors) has emphasized the opportunity for sales of the Retractable Door Technology on a worldwide basis with broad vehicle applications. If you have any questions about the Disappearing Car Door, please feel free to: