THE LEAN ON ME: Series Of Minimal Furniture By Tschus Studio


A team of really cute designers aims to challenge the user to rethink the way each object is used by forcing them to evaluate each interaction they have with the piece. For example, while most chairs dictate a predetermined direction and seating position, the “12min Stool” pictured here requires the user to make a conscious decision about what direction and what position they will sit. Hit the jump to see a vid on other thought-provoking designs! The 12min Stool: Inspired by the milking stool which is often strapped to a farmer’s belt, the seat requires the user to decide what position and direction to sit. HangOver Shelf: Considering that people often switch between reading multiple magazines, the design encourages the user to decide exactly which page to come back to when they’re ready to pick it back up.2forTango Hanger: This unique clothes hanger was inspired by a scale and forces the user to maintain balance by managing the weight of the items places on either end.