In Plato’s Allegory of the cave, people chained to the cave wall see only shadows and recognise these as the only reality. Are objects merely the shadows of their ideas? Can any project be good as its own idea? The guys in Prostoria, believe that it is through a creative process using design and craft skills that ideas about objects come to life, and that the shadows complete each object’s form. Prostoria is appearing in the Tortona Zone ( Salone Del Mobile ) for the second time, which along with city life also represents the soul of this famous and largest furniture event in the world. Both new and old collections in new colors are being exhibited within the theme of Shapes and Shadows. “We are shaped by rich contrasts, by Mediterranean sensuality that meets continental rationality. We indulge in sharing our stories while sitting on warm rocks by the sea, in open spaces, business lounges, mountain cottages, and especially in living rooms that turn into havens of sleep. Somehow, our urban living spaces are often small, and thus a good mirror of our constant absence of time, although we learned how to make the most of it and take the time to interact with family and friends. Besides, we all remember where we were sitting and how well we were sleeping in those moments while our personal stories were happening. Sofas are our tablets of personal history. Share it, while living and sleeping, because Sleeping is also Living. “ For more information, we invite you to visit the link below.