FREE YOUR SKIN: The Amazing Ad Campaign Of Schick Company By Kudos


We all know that 2014 was the year of the beard, but these men have taken it to the next level – by having animals sculpted into their facial hair. And, we sort of love it, like, quite a lot. But don’t worry guys, this isn’t a quirky new trend, the photos are the work of New Zealand-based brand Shick who are encouraging men to ditch some of their excessive facial hair. Free Your Skin, An Ad Campaign for Schick NZ Featuring Men with Furry Animal Beards Nope, we’re sorry, this is not something we’re prepared to get on board with, and neither are you lot either apparently. A recent survey revealed that women find the same man more attractive with 10 days’ worth of facial stubble than without. Schick have launched a competition asking men to send in snaps of their mates with ‘feral’ beards and the hashtag #FreeYourSkin in order to win grooming tools or a cash prize. Kudos to the creative agency that came up with this campaign. ( Photography by Troy Goodall + Animal Photography By Stephen Stewart) Head to their Facebook page for more info, or make us really happy by shaving an animal into your facial hair.