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Ergonomics is the science that studies the relationship of people with the objects they use and the spaces they live in. In the kitchen, the need to have everything on hand and to move freely and tirelessly is often not satisfied because furniture is rarely designed to meet the physical features of each user. When buying a product it is important to find out about the aspects that allow you to make a rational choice in order to avoid working in a kitchen in which getting into uncomfortable positions that are harmful for your health becomes inevitable. The Italian company Valcucine has developed ergonomic studies to produce a customised kitchen in which dimensions, distances, opening and access system, visibility and work all adapt perfectly to those who use them, like a tailor-made garment made-to-measure on the purchaser. Valcucine has always focused on satisfying its customers’ requirements and has painstakingly researched into the use of traditional kitchens to this aim. This has resulted in the perfection of a few aspects that improve the interaction of Man with the whole kitchen “system”. After having revolutionised ergonomics by presenting the Logica System in 1996, with its 80 cm depth and equipped back section, removable jumbo drawers and wall units with Ala and Aerius lift-up doors, and pursuant to the back-to-wall version, Valcucine is now presenting the new equipped back panel in the island version. The back panel is capable of containing and concealing, when necessary, all the kitchen equipment: the dish-drainer, weighing scales, small appliances, removable cooking receptacles, bottle-racks, power sockets, a monitor, kitchen roll holders, the tap, hooks for utensils and even a cooker hood. The island version of New Logica System can be used to divide the space. The volume of the back panel creates a partition between the kitchen and the dining or living room area that draws intimate spaces without reducing the dimensions of the room. For more information, just visit the link below.

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