TIK: The World’s Leanest Keychain By Daniel Farkas & Beata Csortan


“Even if you move everything onto a single ring, there’s still no way your current set of keys will get as compact as the TIK keychain.” – Gizmodo. Your keychain: you interact with it every single time you open or close a lock – it is your daily companion. If it’s a bulky piece and you keep it in your pocket, it might be an unpleasant cargo. Your keychain is a personal statement: it is a fix item among your everyday carry. Thinness is the key for a comfortable and elegant keychain. I love to optimize my things and the bulky keychain in my pocket was a pain in the arse – literally. I particularly hated it when I was running, riding my bike or had my fancy suit on. I dreamed of a keychain which disappears in my pocket – or fits in my wallet.


I needed a keychain which is as thin as possible – not much thicker than the blade of the key –, I needed a structure which keeps all the keys flat but offers great flexibility in other dimensions so I can comfortably reach any keyhole. The spark came during an epic mountain bike ride in Iceland. I was climbing the slopes of Hekla volcano in Iceland, fighting with a decent rainstorm and the alien environment (the movie Prometheus was shot there, you can imagine…). There was a super steep ascent and I hoped my muddy chains won’t surrender under the load.


Of course they worked like charm and then I suddenly realized: the chain has that one-dimensional flexibility that I needed and the rollers in my 10-speed chain seemed to be just as thick as a regular key. And so it began. When I got back home I couldn’t wait to validate my hypothesis and guess what, the caliper showed identical thickness! Bingo.


After doing an off-hand surgery on my original keys, the Frankeinstein prototype was ready and worked flawlessly. Also it didn’t look as ugly as a shitty-first-proto should. I almost cried. After testing dozens of different chain types and fine-tuning the concept, I found the perfect combination.


80% of TIK’s surface is as thin as possible: no thicker than your key’s blade. And the rest 20% (the chain structure) is only 2,4mm thicker. When it comes to comfort, weight is the other major factor. Why would you carry the weight of an extra pebble every day?


Let alone the weight of an uncomfortable pebble.When you are in motion – walk or run – the extra bulk is even more disturbing. The TIK construction saves a whooping 40% weight compared to the same set of regular keys with a standard keyring. There is no lighter construction on the market than this. The patent pending TIK design integrates the stripped-down keys into one lean unit.


This not only keeps their original function but enhances it by providing larger grip surface and greater leverage for every individual key. A worn out bicycle chain is useless for riding but perfect for TIK because the worn pivots have no influence on its performance so after a thorough cleanup with an eco-friendly agent and a little buffing, the chain re-incarnates – instead of ending its life in a landfill.


Let’s not forget that human beings and the natural world are on a collision course and good design must show responsibility. Although TIK is a custom solution, we tried to make the purchase experience as easy as possible. As a starter we are offering the 48 most popular key blanks used in the U.S. which covers 95% of keys in use”. ( By Daniel Farkas ) For more information we invite you to follow the link below.