ERGO: The New Open Philosophy Journal


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The new open philosophy journal, Ergo, was “created in response to a need for general philosophy journals that are efficient, open access, inclusive, and transparent.” Traditional philosophy journals move slowly, taking somewhere between 5 and 9 months to tell scholars whether their submissions will be accepted or not. They overwhelmingly favor work written by white men. And they cater to metaphysics and epistemology, while giving less attention to the philosophy of mind, ethics, and political theory. The average time-to-decision was 21 days, with the journal rejecting 93% of the submissions. The first five accepted articles covered Epistemology, History of Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Biology, and Philosophy of Mind. And, as the editors seem acutely aware, the first submissions were still dominated by men. Get more background on the journal at the link below.;rgn=main