BALKANTANGO: The Beautiful Hungarian Bags & Accessories Created Out Of Bicycle Tubes


Balkan Tango was established in 2004 in Budapest to come up with useful and pretty fashion accessories for town dwellers. Behind this brand there is Turkish designer Füsun Ipek the founder and designer of BalkanTango. But how did he come up with the idea to create messenger bags out of  bicycle tubes? “It was something like love at first sight! What particularly appealed to me was the silky way the tubes felt to the touch (after being polished ). Along with this came the thought of  making something that  at the same time is environmentally-friendly. These two aspects rolled into one made me come up with the idea of creating bags from punctured bicycle tubes. As I have always been designing and making bags for practical use this was only too self-evident for me. Getting cleaned all the trashy inner tubes certain parts of the bags are compiled in our Budapest-based workshop. Particular stress is put on these phases of the work process so 100% recycling and quality sewing is ensured. When  the bags are half-made they are completed in a workshop which is out from Budapest. Here  3 professional sewers  specialized in sewing exclusively rubber finish the rest of work. This way we can make it sure that each of our items is 100% hand-cut and sewn.


The owners of the shops had a very different attitude to recycled design. At the beginning some used to kind of  steer clear of  this idea, but as time went by they’ve come to like it. However,  here in Hungary we still have a lot to go so environmental consciousness is raised”. Today the label is focusing on handbags made from punctured bike inner tubes. They’re no good for riding on anymore, but they do make black, street smart purses in all shapes and sizes. These designs probably won’t appeal to girly girls, but they’re sure to find favor amongst ladies who prefer carrying more unisex accessory. Each item is made entirely in Europe following Fair Trade practices. They’re hand cut and sewn in a Budapest workshop to guarantee their quality. Balkan Tango might be making an impression on fashion fans around the globe, but its heart is at home. The company is passionately committed to local recycling efforts and the cycling community. The bags and accessories are available in a range of retailers in Hungary, Germany, and Austria, and to global customers. For more information or to get in touch with Füsun Ipek just follow the link below.