NEAL UNGER: The World’s Oldest Skateboarder


Known to his many fans and friends as ‘The Dude’, Neal Unger is perhaps the oldest skateboarder in the world. In the past, videos of his boarding adventures have gone viral online and he is well known in the Los Angeles area as well as the rest of America for being the quite the skater. Whilst Neal admits that he is still an amateur, there is something truly magical about watching an old man do a kick flip. Plus, he skates better than most of the twenty-year-olds. “How old can I get and still act young?” Unger was born in 1957 in Anaheim, California. He remembers enjoying the Disneyland fireworks from his bedroom window as he was sent to bed every night at 9pm. At the age of five his mother bought him a skateboard. A brain tumor claimed her life four short years later. Adopted by an older brother, Neal developed his passion for surfing and skateboarding while living in San Diego, California. He graduated from Bowness Highschool in Calgary, Alberta, Canada before returning to the California coast. Having surfed Pavones, Costa Rica and the big island of Hawaii, he practices regular meditation and believes the human body should remain strong and youthful into old age. At the age of 56 he is still learning skate tricks. He loves to share what life, and skateboarding, have taught him so far. Neal Unger, 60 year old proves that you can never be too old to have fun on a skateboard.