Rollerblades and strap-on roller skates have been around for ages, now a California based company named “The Cardiff Skate Company” have combined the best of both devices in the form of Cardiff Skate. Built with the needs of the everyday skater or outdoor enthusiast in mind and aiming to redefine the skating industry, Cardiff Skates offer patented features that enable any user to step on, strap in, and skate away with the most stable and adjustable skates in the industry today.



Inspired by the roller blades and scooters that came before, Cardiff Skates are designed to make the art of skating fun for all experience levels and can be worn with your favorite pair of shoes. Step onto the skate and it instantly adjusts to give you a perfect fit every time. The one-size-fits-all technology is ideal for growing kids, teens and young adults. Since you’re already wearing your own shoes, skate to work, run your errands, or go to the beach. No need to worry about bringing another pair of shoes, locking up your bike or searching for parking! Unlike quad or inline skates, Cardiff Skates come with an inherently stable, patented tri-skate wheel platform, giving the user a solid base, as well as the unique ability to brake from either foot.


“Convenience, balance and fun were my criteria when designing these skates,” says inventor and avid skater Brian Green. “Eight years and two patents later, Cardiff Skates achieve all three.” “Inline skating was once the fastest growing sport in the US with over 30 million participants,” says Cardiff Skate Co. CEO, Bob Pollack.  “We believe these skates will once again transform the industry.”