PULSE7® : The Austrian Measurement & Monitoring System


The HRV (heart rate variability) is the variability of the duration between two heartbeats. Our heart is not completely uniform, it is quite variable when you look at the individual heartbeats. The deviations can be more than a tenth of a second. Under exertion, stress, incipient disease, … our heartbeat increases but at the same time, the variability of shocks reduces – the heartbeat becomes uniform. This reduced HRV is a sign of the response of the heart to internal and external stimuli that are affected by the autonomic nervous system (sympathetic nervous system (= “drive nerve”) / parasympathetic nervous system (= “calm nerves”)) . The influence of the sympathetic nervous system can be proven with a low HRV, the influence of the parasympathetic nervous system with a high HRV. Rule of thumb: The more variable the heart beat, the more the better and more rested the organism itself.


Exercise and increasing performance improvement of life in itself are a meaningful relationship between training load and adequate recovery after. Only this relationship leads to an increase in output, which is known as supercompensation. During the training, HRV decreases, shortly after exercise regeneration begins, which is accompanied by a gradual increase in HRV. By daily measurement in the morning (before getting up), the regeneration that was carried out during sleep (best regeneration ability of man), can be observed in longitudinal section, evaluated and used to individually adjust the training.


Individual low HRV values in this morning recording can rooted in insufficient recovery to intensive training schedule, beginning disorders, etc., so they are very important information to avoid overtaxing or overtraining and to achieve a better performance. Pulse7 measurement and monitoring system has got decades of experience in the performance analysis, training planning and control in amateur and professional sports. Independent experts and benefit athletes as well confirm the revolutionary attempt of Pulse7 which represents a new innovation of training control.

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But above all, Pulse7 has implemented a tool for training control which is a usable effect of measurement. The measurement process can be integrated easily into the training process and provides valuable data in order to avoid overtraining. For more information, we invite you to follow the link below the video presentation.