The Croatian cuisine is specific for every region. Croatia offers own most popular domestic dishes and specialties: of the cold plates these are for example the famous dalmatian or Istrian prosciutto, cheese from Pag or Lika, sheep cheese, kulen from Slavonia, cesnjovke from Samobor or Zagori and fresh cheese with cream. For those who visit the Ilovik Island and wish to experience the cuisine of Croatia, we highly recommend Konoba Oliva. Yes…many of the people will tell you to go to eat to another restaurant located in that island that is called “Panino”. We must admit that is nothing special. We ordered for 5 persons food and they bring us an ovlal plate with food for only 3 person…most of the plate was full of salad and potato instead of the fish and sea food we ordered. We prefer to not talk about the courtesy…we decide to not order anymore the desert in that place, so we live.



Next evenings we discover OLIVA Konoba, and was a great surprise. Passionate, authentic, original food, without compromise, seasonal and local, with fresh ingredients. The meal was a tasting menu offered by the chef, and the dish we order for 5, was a kind of baked octopus stuffed with grilled vegetables. The desert was Palacinka filled with nuts and honey flawored with tartufo. Really simple but delicious.



Of course we had all the attention of the professional staff and chef – who is also a manager – came from Istria and that brings a more professional attitude. Here below, you can see some pictures, just to give you a short idea, but we really invite you to experience that place. Oh…don’t forget… that is the only place in the island were you can have free WiFi.

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Ilovik is an isolated beauty island with a population of 65 with the record of having the longest lifespan of Croatia. Until recently the islands of Ilovik and Sv. Petar were mentioned under a common name, first as Neumae Insulae (in Greek neuma – “sign”) and since the 13th century as Sanctus Petrus de Nimbis or in the later Venetian version San Pietro dei Nembi.

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The original Croatian name of the larger island was Tovarnjak (hence the Italian name Asinello) but later it became known as Ilovik (after the type of soil), while the smaller island has been and is still named Sv. Petar. The islands are located opposite one another and close a long (2.2 km) and narrow (up to 300 m) channel, a perfectly natural anchorage which from time immemorial until today served as a shelter for ships during storms.