SPARC MGS-W51: The Automatic Digital Watch By Ventura


Ventura is creating a new breed of watches. With its credibility and expertise in traditional mechanical chronometers firmly established, the Ventura of today focuses on contemporary watches with electronic displays. The fact that they develop and manufacture their own movements makes them the only ‘Swiss Manufacture Electronique’. The timepieces are handmade with the attention to detail, precision and quality that have earned the Swiss watch making industry its worldwide reputation. Ventura has set the pace with innovations such as the first automatic digital watch, SPARC®, the most recent development of the Micro-Generator System built into the stunning SPARC MGS or EasySkroll®, the propriatory operating system for multifuctional devices. Exclusive tempered materials such as Durinox® and Titanox® give every Ventura watch an unmatched longevity.



The movements of the wrist activate a rotary mass which relays the momentum to a micro-generator; the electric energy gained in the process continuously feeds an optoelectronic time-module. The Micro-Generator-System of the new SPARC MGS was developed to achieve maximum performance. Placing the MGS side-by-side next to the time-device enabled a larger and heavier oscillating mass.



This array also permits the viewing of the mechanism from the top, giving the SPARC MGS its characteristic appearance. The miniature power-station sustains a state-of-the-art micro-processor and a 250-segments 12-digit liquid-crystal display. The latest operating system EasySkroll v.2.0 allows later upgrades, another first in wristwatches. The multiple functions of the SPARC MGS are intuitively operated by a single scroller. For more information, follow the link below.