SOFT LIGHT : The Knitted World of LuckyBoySunday

Camilla Ebdrup is a former Girl Scout and Camilla Kørschen a self proclaimed “child priest”. Together they comprise LuckyBoySunday, a line of modern home accessories steeped in childlike wonder. Both Danish designers have backgrounds in fashion and art, but they joined forces in Copenhagen in 2007, to “make the best brand” they could think of. That translates to pairing the softest alpaca wool with the finest free trade craftswomen in Bolivia to bring a range of whimsically poetic products to life—or death, as is the case of their Dead Buddy toys. Lucky Boy Sunday’s home line features colorful pillows and throws in everything from harlequin patterns to motifs like cry babies, six-fingered hands, and Uffies, or beanie wearing creatures that are afraid of shadows. Their imagery straddles the line between cute and slightly disturbing, but every piece radiates impeccable Danish design. Their toys are just as suitable for adults as they are for children and seem to hint at Tim Burton and Edward Gorey with their often dour or perplexed expressions. Their latest collection, Soft Light, is all about sunny pastel colors, but there are a few mustachioed men with eye patches and giant eyeballs to keep it interesting. ( By Andy Teran from ) For more information, follow the link bellow.