Countless movies and books include a plot-line in which the protagonist is abducted and either tied or handcuffed to something solid. It happens in real life too, though thankfully a lot less often than the thriller genre would have us believe. In the unlikely event you were taken hostage and incapacitated it would be nice to have something about your person that could help you escape. We’re entering James Bond territory here. The Titanium Escape Ring is a simple ring with one key difference. Hidden within its band is a stainless steel multi-tool which boasts a tiny saw and shim for picking locks.

In an emergency the saw could be used to cut through cable ties, duct tape, and rope, while the shim could release you from single-lock handcuffs. The multi-tool measures 2 inches ( 51 mm ) x 1/8 inches ( 3.2 mm ) x 1/64 inches ( 0.4 mm ) and is flexible enough to be curved and seated on the inside of the ring. This keeps it completely hidden from view when being worn, though should your captors remove the ring from your finger its potential usefulness comes to an abrupt end. If this piece doesn’t appeal then the Titanium Utility Ring with its five folding tools may do instead. ( By Dave Parrack from www.gizmag.com ) You can buy the Titanium Escape Ring for around US$60 at the link bellow.