FAVOLOSOFILO : Patrizia Danesi’s Jewellery And Accessories

“FAVOLOSOFILO” is just an invented Italian term that meas literarly “someone who love fabulous thinks”. And as you can see bellow, the objects that Patrizia create are really FABULOUS. As former fashion model, Patrizia knows wery well  what elegance and sense of beauty means. To that, we must ad her love for kniting, sewing and research of new ideas and manner to use recycled materials to create innovative items. “What can I say? As a child I had a dream. I dreamed that something was going to happen and every body ran to the supermarket to stock up on food. Even I did the same thing, but I went out with a basket full of wool. After forty years I still chasing that dream…” says Patricia in her interesting blog (that unfortunately is only in Italian language). The blog she create, shows and teach you a lot of  solutions and techniques to create by yourself  jewells; fashion accessories; bags; how to modify/re-adapt clothing etc.

We scroll this blog and we were afascinated especially by the jewells she create. Fused glass is an amazing material – transluscent, transparent, reflective, irridescent, eye-catching and captivating, organic, tactile. Using hot glass techniques, Patrizia takes inspiration from her surroundings, to create her contemporary ranges of homeware, fashion accessories, gifts, and jewellery. Her use of materials combined with minimalist forms has made her work striking and desirable. Recycled jewelry is popping up everywhere, and the materials used to create it is just as amazing as the jewelry itself. Remember that recycled jewelry is eco-chic, handmade, and planet-friendly. The accurate investigation of the potentialities of technique and form leads Patrizia Danesi to attain elegant visual and sensorial combinations with different materials like glass, leather and paper, in their search for new frontiers to explore the beauty of form and the sensuality of the object. Here bellow you can see some of her creations. For more information or to get in touch with Patrizia Danesi, just follow  the blog at the link bellow, or her Facebook page.