Typography is a form of art that involved technique of arranging type, size, spacing, kerning, adjusting the spaces of letter and typeface. In Typography Portrait, these element are use to create shadow, line and texture to creatively produce an artworks. I was amazed when I stumbled upon Cris Wicks’s Typography Portraits of Bob Marley. The combination and arrangement of text was neat and beautiful. Here are some example of great Typography Potrait for your inspiration.


 Mr. Marley by Cris Wicks

Experimental Lyric Portrait by Cris Wicks

Beautiful Boogieman by Cris Wicks

 A Man of His Word by Straye-Close

Burdened by Dylanroscover

 Steven Paul Jobs by Dylanroscover

 My Personal Story Part I by Kwokidile

Reznor Type Portrait by Max Dominguez

Kurt Cobain by Juan Osborne

 B.A. by CaptainBoneDaddy