MyRingGuard™ – The Personal Security At Your Fingertips

Whether you’re out for a run or walking in the dark, it’s always good to have a product like the MyRingGuard on, because anything dangerous can happen spontaneously. Rachel Owens came up with the idea for MyRingGuard when she realized that she’d want parents and loved ones to know if something happened to her on a job. What her invention does is allow the device to send a distress signal through a previously determined set of contacts in case of an emergency.

Instead of reaching for the phone, one simply must touch the thumb and index finger together and the ring will communicate through Bluetooth. It is basically a panic button, but more discreet and a lot easier to access. The MyRingGuard™ ring is designed with comfort in mind. It is made of medical grade silicone, which is soft on the skin and stretchable, so that it will never rub or pinch.

The ring has also been designed to control ring movement / rotation preventing erroneous pressing of the trigger button. Every MyRingGuard™ comes with three interchangeable silicone finger straps (Small, Medium, Large) that all connect to the same ring top. You choose the size that fits best. The stretchy medical grade silicone is comfortable, weather resistance, and a perfect fit. For more information, or to buy this device, follow the link bellow.