COODO MODULAR UNITS: A Multiple Combinations For Small Living

Slovenian architectural studio Coodo may have come up with a solution that not only suits a variety of purposes but can house the entire family. Coodo has created a series of modular units that can be sold separately or coupled together to offer more space and more flexibility. The group of modular units include: Pavilion, Pergola, Summer Kitchen, Mobile Living and Residential Building. Combined with a clean and modern design, each unit can be placed in a variety of locations and features maximized space.



The Pavilion module is an open curved rectangular structure that comes with a range of possibilities. It can be used as an outdoor kitchen, lounge, children’s playground, temporary exhibition space, open bar or even an outdoor gym. A series of panel walls can be installed to enclose the module, or when added to the internal space they can create private individual zones. The steel structure is covered with a water-resistant polyester exterior and interior lining panels. The Pavilion is available in two sizes: 9 square meters (97 square ft) or 18 square meters (194 square ft).



Similar to the Pavilion module, the Pergola is an outdoor structure that is designed to create an exterior shaded multi-purpose area. The unit features a galvanized and powder coated steel frame, with wooden batten perimeter and flooring. The battens and flooring are made from weather-resistant high quality wood, suitable for an outdoor environment. Furthermore, the roof can be fitted with glass panels or a fabric canopy to protect users from the rain. Both the Pavilion and Pergola can be fitted with Coodo’s summer kitchen module, transforming the units into an outdoor kitchen.



The Summer Kitchen module is portable multifunctional unit that features a grill, storage drawers, sink and work bench. The three-part module is made using white Kerrock, and all elements are suitable for outdoor use.



This mobile prefabricated module is a contemporary compact home, suitable for various climates and locations. The two-bedroom, 33 square meter (355 square ft) home is said to comfortably accommodate a family of four, and comes fully furnished. The home features LED lighting throughout and a variety of appliances, including an induction stove top, LCD television, 5.1 surround sound system and air conditioning unit … not to mention ample storage space and a further 15 square meter (161 square ft) outdoor living area.



Similar to the Mobile Unit Living 33, this modular home is slightly smaller and is designed to accommodate two persons. The 28 square meter (301 square ft) unit includes a master bedroom, bathroom, and an open dining and living area with an extended 13 square meter (140 square ft) pergola. The module also comes fully furnished and is adaptable to a diverse range of environments. Both Living Units 28 and 33 are manufactured in accordance to mobile home living standards, ensuring adequate safety and health conditions for temporary or seasonal living. The exterior frame is resistant to a range of temperatures from -40°C to 55°C ( -40°F to 131°F) and is water, wind and sand-proof. Additionally, the units have a high UV radiation resilience and can withstand abrasive airborne particles such as salt water. However, the units are non-resistant to concentrated acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Both of the modules also incorporate a strong galvanized steel frame and corrosion-resistant soldering in the electric circuits. The walls are made from 25 cm (9.8 inch) wide polyester panels filled with 15 cm (5.9 inches) of mineral and glass wool to ensure thermal insulation and long-term stability and durability. What’s more, the units are furnished with double-glazed aluminum windows and doors. At the request of the user the mobile homes can also be installed with solar panels, providing a self-sufficient energy supply.

By combining a series of the modular units, users can construct their very own unique and creative residential building. Any two units can be joined horizontally or vertically to create a large open living space, or an added unit can accommodate extended family and guests. Prices for the modules are yet to be released – while they’re economical on space, let’s hope they’ll be just as economical to purchase. ( By Bridget Borgobello from ) For more information just visit the link below.