NU.M8: The GPS Children Locator by Lok8u

t enables you to find your child, whenever you feel you need to know, at home or abroad. All you need is a mobile phone or computer to find their precise location. Unlike other locator products, nu.m8 is a child’s digital watch which cannot be removed or deactivated without your knowledge. If this should happen an instant alert is sent straight to your phone and/or email with your child’s location. No other child locator in the world can match this. Another great feature of nu.m8 is the ability to set up a virtual fence as a ‘safe zone’. If your child steps outside this zone you’ll be notified. Lok8u is also delighted to announce the launch of multi.m8, which is a new GPS – enabled locator watch designed to enhance the personal safety of consumers. multi.m8 is aimed specifically at lone workers, those with employment location demands, workers engaged in challenging environments, adults and seniors with health issues, such as Alzheimer’s sufferers, and consumers who participate in outdoor sports activities where carrying a mobile phone is inconvenient, including hikers and skiers.
A recent report carried out by ICM stated that in the UK 33% of children aged 8 – 15 years are not allowed to play outside of the house or garden without parental supervision. One reason could be parental concern over an estimated 140,000 children being reported as missing every year to the authorities (Daily Telegraph). This has a knock on effect with more children becoming obese, spending too many hours in front of a computer, games console or TV, and not developing the basic interactive social skills with their peer group Lok8u’s products and services address this growing personal safety market, and provide enhanced security with affordable peace-of-mind solutions for the modern mobile family. nu.m8 is a cool watch for kids, which delivers peace of mind for adults. nu.m8 uses the same Pinpoint precise GPS technology used in SatNav systems and is accurate to 3 metres. “We have developed our own proprietary Cell ID technology which provides a quick approximate location of your child.
This is then refined using GPS to achieve an accuracy of 3 metres. The benefit of using dual locating technology is that the child can still be located in instances where normal GPS technology may not be sufficient. This action is driven via a mobile phone using the texting facility or via the internet using our secure Portal”. Know where they are: Simply connect to the lok8u customer portal from your PC or text message from your mobile phone to locate your child, anytime, anywhere. If the strap of your child’s nu.m8 is opened without your authority, an immediate alert is sent via SMS and email to warn you this has happened. The ‘Safe Zone’ feature allows you to easily set your own defined area by time and day. An immediate alert is sent via SMS and email to inform you if your child strays outside this. More information available at the link below.