he Prototype of Modular Home with UNI-SOLAR PV-Technology shown at Solar Decathlon Europe in Madrid. The Solar Decathlon is a competition organized by the U.S. Department of Energy in which universities from across the globe meet to design and build an energetically self-sufficient house that runs only on solar energy and incorporates technologies that maximizes its energy efficiency. Think CO2, a Spanish company, called the Solar Decathlon organization to explain that there was a house ready to buy, designed and manufactured with no CO2 emissions and of course providing energy from solar modules – in fact PV-laminates. “Think CO2” builds modular houses that are in high demand. Their “NoEm” – NO EMISION – house incorporates UNI-SOLAR® PV-laminates on the roof for electricity production. The “NoEm” house has attracted tremendous interest due to the fact that it is ready to buy and because the new concept of solar modules integrated to the roof was new to the visitors. The “NoEm” house is designed with local materials and is produced in a way that eliminates carbon foot prints during its manufacturing. The design is modular and allows designing your own house in the size you want. At Solar Decathlon the presented house was just one module with kitchen and complete bathroom, extra modules can be added for extra rooms.