he Perfume Shrine project is an independent online publication offering articles on perfumery including fragrance reviews, essays on the science of fragrance and aroma materials, articles on perfume history, interviews with perfumers and industry professionals, trend-watching and fragrance advertising evaluation. Its aim is to provide a resource for anyone interested in fragrances and to offer an independent assessment of available products. But its most important goal is to share the passion for scents, pose interesting questions and ignite a genuine appreciation for the art of perfumery! “I grew up in a family of scientists and artists, which instigated an inquisitive spirit in me with a passion for the finer things in life. My academic degrees are in History and Archaeology, as well as Classical Music Studies. Scent and the sense of smell have been of high interest to me since I was a small child nevertheless. Playing with my mother’s and my very elegant grandmother’s perfumes as a toddler I soon progressed to reading whatever I could find on fragrances: magazine clippings which I saved in an album; books on perfumes and essences, some from authors of classical antiquity; heavy volumes of chemistry and perfumery later on. The fascination with the history of perfumery prompted me to collect and study a large sum of vintage fragrances, essential oils and synthetic materials for several years. As time and opportunities allowed, I studied a little more formally attending seminars about relevant olfactory issues while pursuing my other academic pursuits, and travelled on places which presented aromatic challenges ~some of those I have recounted here, some are left to be told. In 2000 a non-profit website was created that contained some of the perfume information I had been collecting for years. In 2006, after writing numerous reviews online on other venues, I created the Perfume Shrine ~my personal glimpse into the cosmos of perfumes: the materials that are woven into the compositions that enrapture me, the perfumers who are responsible for their creation, the process of creation itself and the marketing and presentation of the finished product. Fragrance writing had began as a hobby but beyond this site it progressed to fragrance consulting and articles featured in various publications around the world This path has enriched me as a person and I am very grateful for it”…

We really appreciate Elena’s hard work and invite our readers to visit the website and discover the fantastic world of scent. We hope also some of you, reading Elena’s research, will learn to love  this job and why not, become perfume designer. Also we invite cool magazines to contact Elena always they need a realistic and specialized introduction, description or review about perfumes and scent world. We wish Elena our best regards and compliments for the nice and sophisticated work she do.